Why Matched Betting is not for everyone

At this point, you’ve probably heard about matched betting and read a lot of its concepts and how to play it. You’ve also probably tried out the trial offered at Oddsmonkey to see whether it is really telling the truth and that it is not a “too good to be true” offer. You’ve probably realized at this point that even though matched betting is such a good way to earn some income on the side, knowing that there is no risk in betting at all, you’d wonder why not everyone is into it.

Here are some reasons why.

It smells of scam.

One of the biggest setbacks of matched betting is that the offer is too good to be true that it is behaving in the same way that scammers do.

But there are some characteristics of matched betting, especially with Oddsmonkey that makes them better compared to scams. The latter promises a lot of things that are too excessive and it forces you do to it. Matched betting may have the first characteristic, but it is not on a scale that it is excessive. One thing that gave way to matched betting and gained a lot of bettors is it doesn’t promise a life filled with riches when signing up under them. Not even one of them asks their bettors to make payment right away. All they need to do is serve the bettors with their account and it will be up to the bettors where they are going to place their bets. The service provides an online tutorial on how to get started and several other info on how matched betting works.

It makes you lose a lot of money.

Matched betting is indeed a gamble, but not on a scale that you lose a lot of money, unless you do it that way. There is a reason why you need to understand the basics of matched betting first because through there you get to create a strategy on how you are going to make your next move – whether you are going to use the free bet offered to you by the bookmaker or you bet your own money and bet on both outcomes. Bettors are expected to place a bet on both outcomes, but it will be up to the bettor to place how much. Whatever the results are going to be, you will still earn money. This is why many people talk about how much they have earned well with matched betting because they are guaranteed to win.

It is illegal.

Matched betting does sound illegal if you do not know a thing about it. The money is tax free wherein it utilizes the offers of the bookmaker. However, you will be surprised that matched betting has been around for many years and it is a legal transaction. This is because the bets made in here are based on the outcomes of sports events. This means both minor and major sports events are made bets in matched betting.