Why Isn’t Everyone Into Matched Betting?

Many people have testified about matched betting with Oddsmonkey and how it has made them earn huge rewards from it. It is a method wherein the risks are non-existent even though you are gambling. Where in the world are you going to find gambling with no risks involved at all? The answer for that is matched betting. What’s more, the first time you engage in this, you are given a free bet. So if this is such an amazing thing to earn extra income on the side, why isn’t everyone into it?

The reasons are not surprising and they are easily refuted with evidences.

It is a Scam

This is the most common reason that many people think about matched betting. Even Oddsmonkey get a lot of feedback like that from some of their players before they became their patrons. Since such a risk free gambling exist, when according to conventional gambling such an option doesn’t exist, it sounds too good to be true and it is a scam. A risk free gambling is already a red flag for most people and it is one of the factors on how they identify a scammer.

But what people found out about matched betting with Oddsmonkey is different. First, not even one of the bookmakers has asked the bettors to pay first before they can get started. Matched betting always starts with a free bet. It doesn’t even provide an assurance that whoever bets with the bookmaker, they are guaranteed with riches in the long run. Most bettors use the free trial account in order to take a look at what this matched betting thing is really about.

It’s too hard or it’s too much effort

This reason is commonly heard amongst those who aren’t into sports and betting in events associated with it. Matched betting is usually betting on sports events. There are still people that have learned to understand how sporting events work and how bets are placed in such games, but they admitted that it took them a lot of time to understand fully what sports betting were all about. They had to read countless articles online for it. Some took to the visuals because it is easier for them to learn that way.

These days, there are training videos that will guide bettors on how to place bets with matched betting. Oddsmonkey has a training video on how to do the first steps with matched betting so that it will be easier for new bettors to understand the whole process in betting.

Nowhere to start

Even if you are a new comer and is not prepared to pay for the monthly service Oddsmonkey is providing, all you need to do is start out with their free trial first. Once you have successfully signed up, you will get access to tutorial videos and other visuals on how matched betting works. From there you get to decide whether or not you are going to go on matched betting further.