Is Matched Betting really a No Risk Betting?

You’ve probably heard or read a lot about matched betting at Oddsmonkey, but how sure is this form of betting that guarantees you will have the money whether or not you lose the betting? This is all about how you place your bets.

Why is it risk free?

This matched betting in Oddsmonkey works differently with the conventional betting people do when gambling. This is why matched betting can never be considered as a form of gambling, because players are guaranteed to win no matter the outcome. You still lose some money depending on which one you placed your bets on, but you’ll never lose all of them. This is a method perfect for those who are looking for the extra profit online. The bets you place on in this method is mostly on sporting events. This is commonly referred by many as the ‘bonus hunting’.

Using the free bets, the matched bettors are guaranteed with profits by having every outcomes of the event or match covered.

Many people think that the free bets are only provided in limited numbers, but with no risk gambling you are ensured that they just keep on coming daily. This is a kind of betting technique widely used by individuals solely for profit from the free bets and many other incentives provided by the bookmakers. This is why it is considered risk free since it is entirely based on an application through mathematical equation rather purely on chance, which is what pure gambling, is.

Rising demand of matched betting

Contrary to what people say, matched betting is not really something that just popped out a few months ago. This has long been offered online, but only got high in demand when it was proven to be profitable and legal to engage with. This is why it has gotten really popular among those who aren’t really into gambling but want extra profit for whatever reason they want with the money they win with matched betting.

Some are still not convinced that matched betting has gotten really popular. There’s a graph presented by the most popular search engine online, providing you a chart on how high the demand is for matched betting.

You might be thinking about how the companies or services like Oddsmonkey behind the matched betting are losing money since they usually provide free bets in the first place. This isn’t the case – bookmakers, the ones that offer the matched betting, uses this technique to entice the players to bet with them. This is like a marketing idea for new players to become true gamblers, if they knew what really entails in matched betting.

Also, if you are worried about the bookmakers’ profit with their free bets offered, they have staffs looking after bettors that are putting on too much value, so they place restrictions on accounts that may be taking too much of an advantage most of the time. This is to prevent the bettors to place very huge bets.