Can Students Earn Profit with Matched Betting?

College students that have loans to pay off after graduating is like a death sentence for some of them. This is because they know they aren’t guaranteed with a job right after they graduate. And even if they do get secured for a job just before finishing college, it can be quite a challenge to maintain a budget to live for yourself and at the same time paying for the money you owe from college. So when college students hear about a risk free gambling that can make them earn big, of course they would be talking about matched betting.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a kind of gambling that is free from risks and it usually bets on sporting events. Many of those who have made bets in this refer to it as ‘bonus hunting’. Those who want to join in this kind of betting are expected to open an account with the bookmakers like Oddsmonkey before they place their bets. However, most matched betting start off with a free bet you can take advantage of. This is especially true when you use their free trial if you aren’t sure if matched betting is really for you.

The idea here is that you get to extract the free bets just by betting both on against and for on a certain event. There are online betting sites that offer matched betting. This is why there is no risk to matched betting because you have an option of placing two bets and it cancels each. Depending on how much you bet, you get to win some and lose some at the same time.

The key feature in extracted profit guaranteed for you is to repeat the ‘matching’ process on a particular bet again, but it will be using the free bet offered by the bookmaker rather than using your own money. Whatever the results may be, the bettor is guaranteed with a profit or a win. By applying the same technique in extracting free bet provided by the bookmakers, this can result to a very big haul of money.

Students and the risk of joining matched betting

There is still the risk of anyone joining matched betting, not just the students. While in theory matched betting doesn’t have any risks, the sole risk of this method is that most people who have a lack of understanding on how matched betting works is what really makes them lose a lot of money. There is a reason why services like Oddsmonkey offer a video tutorial and an overview of matched betting when bettors open an account with them. The problem with these people is that they get too excited that they just dive in without understanding how the whole thing works.

If students were to join in matched betting, it is important that they read up more information regarding the technique and record all the activity they have made with the service, like Oddsmonkey, in a spreadsheet.